Election 2015 – Priorities for Education

Tuesday 8th April 2014: 6:15pm- 8:15pm
Committee Room 14,House of Commons

A year from now, the General Election campaign will be in full swing. This will be a critical election for the future of education – and indeed for all our other public services. Education desperately needs a fresh start after the current divisive policies,so now is the time to set priorities for the campaign to influence a new government.

All the political parties are working on policies for the next five years, so our voice needs to be heard loud and clear. Building on the “Picking up the Pieces” initiative, our broad coalition of education campaigning groups is working to identify the key things that a new government should do and focus our campaign on those issues.

We are inviting everyone who believes we need a new direction for education to join the debate and help set those priorities at a meeting at the House of Commons on Tuesday April 8th.

You can follow the debate at http://www.pickingupthepieces.org.uk/

Guest speakers will include Peter Mortimore, author of “Education under Siege: Why there is a Better Alternative”.

Book your place now by emailing booking@pickingupthepieces.org.uk with full names and contact details of those attending.

Picking up the Pieces” is supported by the Campaign for State Education, the Socialist Educational Association, Information for School and College Governors and Comprehensive Future. These organisations have developed “A Better Future for Our Schools” in conjunction with other campaigning groups and trade unions. “A Better Future” was published in Forum Vol 55 No 2 in 2013.


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